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About Me

In in hot month of May at the cool hours of night; in the absolute center of India; God decided to upload me to a website called earth.

I am Arvind Verma, currently working as a consultant in a company that says its the largest private telecom company in India. Started my career with Royal P&O Nedlloyd, which was 2nd the largest shipping company of the world, but my foot on board the company made it sink; it was bought over by Maersk, the largest shipping company. Before the company could say Bye to me I said adiue to it and got connected to Airtel.

My first day @ school....I cried as if I have been imprisoned ; never knew that this captivity will last 20 years of my life. Did computer science engineering, pursued MBA in Telecom and IT Management from Symbiosis, only to realize that I have become over-qualified for anything

This website contains information about me, my little achievements, project and presentations done by me during my academic life along with their downloads